Move To Play

We’re turning sedentary screen time into active time, with a body motion controlled action-adventure game played on a child’s tablet or smartphone for improved health and wellbeing.

We need brave volunteers to come with us to explore the incredible new world of Planet Possible.

An Immersive Universe For Children to explore

Exciting Features


Challenges that require children perform physical activity whilst playing.


Mindfulness games to improve focus and support children in getting quality sleep.


Healthy eating choices as part of gameplay, so children learn more about nutrition and environmental sustainability.

  • Complete physical activity challenges using body movements to control the on-screen action wherever suits you.
  • Activity is safely measured and placed into performance leaderboards.
  • Join a team, compete against other players, or work towards collective goals.
  • In-game reward system.
  • Customize your character.
  • Chat safely to stay connected to friends.

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