Planet Possible: Bringing Adventure and Physical Activity Together

Swerving, ducking, and jumping to collect resources, children adventure through an amazing alien world. The more they play, the more physically active they are, all whilst having awesome fun… on their terms!

Why Planet Possible? Just 10 minutes of extra physical activity a day can make a significant difference in a child’s health and well-being. Planet Possible turns exercise into an exciting game, making it easy and enjoyable for kids to stay active.

Join the Planet Possible Community Compete against players from around the world, or if your school is part of the Planet Possible community, join a team and participate in our thrilling school competitions. Aim to be crowned Planet Possible champions and enjoy the camaraderie and excitement of team play.

Real Impact “I never thought of myself as being an active person until I played Planet Possible,” shares a Year 5 child, highlighting the transformative impact of our game.

Planet Possible is more than just a game – it’s a movement towards healthier, happier children. Join us in making physical activity fun and accessible for all!


Ensures all children are part of the team through cooperative play.

Simple & Fun

The easy way to get children excited about physical activity.


Provides parents and schools with secure activity data.

Play anywhere

Very little space required; the perfect wet play activity.


Play anywhere, anytime, using standard mobile devices.

Evolving content

Regular updates to ensure fresh content to keep children engaged.

Download Planet Possible from the App Store onto a suitable device.

If you are part of a school team, input your unique code.

Play at school and at home to increase levels of physical activity and confidence.

Compete as an individual or team, complete missions and earn new player icons.

As physical activity experts, we are collaborating with a wide range of children’s organisations to create a solution that works for everyone. We know that looking after kids is busy work, so Planet Possible is specifically designed to assist parents, carers, and teachers in ensuring children complete their recommended 60 minutes of medium to vigorous physical activity per day, as advised by the UK’s Chief Medical Officer, no matter their circumstances.