would your schools buy our product once it's released?

We’re canvassing exactly this from UK Primary School Headteachers! There is no obligation to buy, and we won’t be holding anyone to it, but receiving a yes or no  will help us further validate our plans. Is that ok?

We’re creating Planet Possible, a health and wellbeing gaming app for 5 – 11 year olds designed to increase daily Medium-Vigorous Physical Activity by 15 minutes, whilst teaching them about healthy eating and mindfulness.

planet possible health and wellbeing app image

Key Features

  • Body-motion controlled via existing mobile technology, so children can move and play.
  • Health data available to players, parents and teachers.
  • Game evolves to keep players engaged with more levels and new features added throughout the year.
  • Inclusive for all children, including SEND.
Planet Possible - Health and wellbeing gaming app for children

Other features

  • Multiplayer modes for children to stay connected out of school time.
  • Points and prizes awarded for effort and performance.
  • Gameplay can be at school or at home.
  • A great way to utilise your PE & Sport Premium.

Only £300 per year for a school of 260 pupils!

6 Primary School are helping us develop our product – coming to you October 2023 – here’s some feedback:

“It’s like VR, but cheaper and better.” Pupil

“The children are really impressed.” Deputy Head Teacher

“I will be buying it.” Head Teacher

“They just want to play video games, so this will work.” Form Teacher

“I am going to get all of my friends to download this” Pupil

“If this improves physical activity levels, then we will use it.” Head Teacher

How it works

Sign Up – Receive Planet Possible access codes for your children.

Distribute – Children login using their own device, or one provided by the school.

Play – Explore to discover physical activity challenges and mindfulness activities.

Report – Understand how active your pupils have been with data-led evidence.

Are you ready to join the mission?

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