Physical And Emotional Wellbeing

Supporting a school’s investment in improving a child’s overall health education with Planet Possible – a health and wellbeing gaming app for 7 – 11 year olds to play at home, aimed at improving levels of MVPA, healthy eating knowledge and mindfulness.

Planet Possible - Physical and mental wellbeing
Our holistic approach to a child’s health will;
  • Maximise their daily MVPA.
  • Boost attention and attainment in class.
  • Improve their mental wellbeing.
  • Educate them about sustainability and the environment.
  • Keep them connected to friends outside of school hours.
  • Be accessible to all children.

Adopting as science backed approach to solving one of society’s biggest challenges, will assist us in creating a solution that is specific to this audience in terms of coaching and physiology. We are developing a version for Apple and Android mobile devices.

Our Community

We are currently building our product would like your help to steer it in the right direction.

Can you be part of our community to help us develop the best possible game to achieve our collective goal of a healthier and more sustainable future for children?

Having an engaged community is really important to us, so as a thank you for getting in early, we are offering any school that volunteers to trial our prototype 12-months free subscription to our service – from the proposed release date (c. June 2023).

Being involved means you’ll receive a monthly newsletter, keeping you up to date with exciting developments, and if you can, the chance to share ideas and provide feedback on our project.

our proposal For Schools

We plan to supply schools with a version of our game that children play whilst at home. It will include;

  • MVPA challenges, equal to 15 mins per day.
  • Healthy eating choices as a part of gameplay to help them understand the value of maintaining a balanced diet.
  • Calming moments, such a puzzle solving, to promote focus and levels of concentration.
  • A points system to incentivise positive health behaviours on an ongoing basis.
  • A safe method for connecting with friends online.

We intend to underpin this package with the provision of performance reports, evidencing the level of intervention, which can be shared with teachers and parents/guardians, so everyone around the child is involved in the process of them forming healthy habits.

Can you help us develop our product?