Jon Reynolds – Founder & CEO

A former British Army Officer of 6 years, he’s an effective team leader, organiser and decision maker. Also extremely creative, something he discovered later in life. He possesses strong values, integrity and a passion for leading change, making for a trustworthy person.

He has extensive training and development experience, particularly with regards to children and young people. This means he knows how to help them unlock their potential and stay motivated.

Jonathan Oates MBE – Co-Founder & COO

Jonathan is father of two, and a former British Army Officer with over 16 years’ experience leading teams and going on adventures. He loves fitness, and he loves gaming, so for him Fish Bladder Games is basically a dream come true. 

As for the ‘grown-up’ stuff, he has an MBA, and is an expert in organisational learning, for which he was awarded an MBE in 2015. He is professionally qualified in strategic management and leadership, project management, and security management. He has also published a book called Make Ready that you should definitely check out! 

Jason McGann – Advisor

Jason is a skilled creative technician and gaming industry veteran. He has over 30 years’ experience in leading game development studios. He worked on infamous titles such as Grand Theft Auto at his own studio, which he subsequently exited.